The Most Common Uses for Kiosk Printers

The Most Common Uses for Kiosk Printers

People do not realize that there is such a thing as kiosk printers, yet they make use of these miniature printers almost on a weekly if not a daily basis. These kiosk printers can be found in many places throughout the world, and they are basically smaller printers that work to perform many different tasks.

Popular Brands

Many brands of normal printers and copier machines also produce these small, kiosk printers, too. These brands include Brother, Epson, and HP. Most of these printers can print their results for as cheaply as two or three cents per print, making the cost of running a kiosk printer rather affordable for most companies. Here are some of the common uses of these printers in various aspects of daily life.

Bank ATMs

One of the most common uses for a kiosk printer is in automatic teller machines (ATMs) at many banking locations. These machines are also used in many convenience stores, concert halls, casinos, hotels, grocery stores, and many other similar locations. They are rather easy to use, and most of them only print a small slip of results from banking information on just a few inches worth of paper.

Gas Pumps

Another common use for kiosk printers is at gas pumps. These types of receipt printers have become extremely popular since debit and credit cards have become more accessible for use directly at the pump. Even ten or fifteen years ago, people still had to walk into a store and pay for their gas before they pumped. This type of payment has changed as cards can be used right at the pump and receipts can be given right as the transaction at the pump has been completed.

Parking Ticket Kiosks

In larger cities, it is extremely common to have to pay for parking in certain areas, especially in downtown sectors. Sometimes, on-the-street parking is paid for with a money drop system that prints out a ticket for an allotted timeframe. For example, if a person pays 25 cents per half hour of parking on the street, and they put in five quarters, then they would have two and a half hours of parking time on their ticket that is printed by the kiosk.

Another popular type of parking is in parking garages. These garages usually print a ticket from a kiosk as the person goes into the garage, which has to be turned in at a kiosk at the exit of the garage to inform the driver of the amount of money they must pay. This exit kiosk uses a printer similar to the one at the entrance kiosk

While these examples of kiosk printers are only a few of the options out there, they are among the most popular. Kiosk printers can be found in many places, so much to the point that they are almost hiding in plain sight.





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