How to Move Cross Country Without Going Broke

How to Move Cross Country Without Going Broke

Whether it’s the next town over or all the way across country, moving is a daunting task. The cost of moving can weigh heavily on your mind as well as your wallet if you don’t take advantage of the options available to make the move fit your budget. Read on for some ideas to minimize the cost and land you in your new destination with money to spare.

Take an inventory of what you have. Moving across country on a budget may require that you sell some larger items such as furniture and appliances. Most storage containers will only provide enough space to move one room of furniture. Whittling down the number of items you need to move can reduce the cost by hundreds of dollars.

Instead of buying boxes and packing materials, your local retailers will be able to provide you with these items free of charge. has a complete list of ways to find free packing supplies. Instead of moving many items, you may choose to ship some of them.

The time of year can make a difference in cost as well. Consider how you are going to get yourself there. If you’re going to save by selling large items and will have your boxes shipped, choose times of year when your flight will be least expensive. USA Today provides some good advice. Another option is the train which can be less expensive if you have more time. Check out ways to get your car cheaply delivered .

Choosing to drive may be the least expensive option. Plan your trip and route. Gas Buddy can show you where you can stop for the least expensive fuel in the area as you’re traveling through. Filling up in these locations can be a great way to help make your move fit your budget.

A combination of shipping and carting your own things with a hitched storage container to your vehicle will probably be the most economical way to get yourself, your vehicle and your belongings across country in one fell swoop providing you’ve followed the other suggestions above. Having your car with you is an advantage especially if you arrive to find your new home not ready immediately. The unexpected costs of having to stay in a motel for a couple of nights and dine out can give you a greater range of choices if you have your own transportation. This can amount to a couple of hundred dollars in savings or more.

By following the advice outlined, you should be able to easily stay within your budget moving across country. Planning and preparation are key. It will prevent you from making hasty decisions that can be costly.

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