Everything You Need to Know About Your Crawlspace

Everything You Need to Know About Your Crawlspace

It is important to make sure you are well acquainted with every part of your home, including your crawl space. Whether you have just purchased your home, or you have been in your home a long time, learning all that you can about your crawl space can help you save on energy bills and help to ensure that your family is breathing in clean air.

What is a Crawl Space?

A crawl space is the area up under your floor that houses important things like drains, pumps, vents, and beams. It does need regular attention which includes you inspecting it at least once a month. Inspecting your crawl space will allow you to address any issues that come up quickly.

Things You Should Look For

When inspecting your crawl space, you will want to do the following things:
• Encapsulation. If your crawl space is not already protected by plastic protection and insulation, you will want to have this done. This makes sure that your crawl space remains clean. This needs to be replaced every few years to help prevent debris and dust build up. Regular replacement will also help to ensure that your HVAC system has no energy losses.
• Rodents. It is important that you inspect this area for rodents. If a rodent gets into your crawl space, they can do significant damage to your electrical wiring, your HVAC unit as well as the structure of your home. You will want to look for rodent dropping as well as any sign of nesting. If you do see signs of a rodent infestation, you should address this immediately by calling an exterminator or treating the problem yourself.
• Insect inspection. You will also want to make sure that you take your time and look for insects. Insects like carpenter ants as well as termites can do significant damage to your home. These may enter through the crawl space of your home and spread out all over your home. Be sure to look for signs of any insects.
• Mold inspection. At any given time you may have a leak from your plumbing that can cause a buildup of mold. Improperly wrapped ductwork can also cause condensation to build up which may lead to mold exposure. It is important that you periodically check for issues with mold. You will want to see if you can see any invisible mold as well as smell the air. If you have mold under your home, you will smell a musty odor.

Taking care of your crawl space will help to ensure that you have clean air to breathe, you are not losing any energy, and your home is well protected against rodents and insects. If you have any issues with your crawl space, you will want to call a professional immediately. Proper maintenance of your crawl space will benefit both you and your home greatly.

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