Everything to Know About Challenge Coins

Everything to Know About Challenge Coins

Challenge coins are pieces of metal that are usually shaped like a coin, but they can take any other shape. The coins represent a person or organization. Challenge coins had a sacred tradition for identification purposes, but currently, the police, private ventures, fire departments, and non-profits are designing their challenge coins for an array of uses.

Challenge coins hold sentimental and monetary value

One interesting fact about challenge coins is that they are valuable collector’s items. You can get hundreds or even thousands of dollars if you can collect challenge coins from a far-fetched historical time of change or particular military unit. Challenge coin collectors pay attention to the sentimental value that the coins hold because they remind them of the sacrifices made for the countrymen. Veterans define the history of their service in the navy or military using challenge coins. You can express thanks by gifting a veteran with a challenge coin.

They can save lives

A considerable percentage of veterans suffer emotionally because of the time they spent on the front lines. Studies reveal that they deal with night terrors, depression, addiction, and PTSD. What most people do not know about challenge coins is that they can save lives. Recently, challenge coins are being made with a yellow ribbon as a sign of preventing suicide. When a veteran shows a family member or another veteran the challenge coin, he or she is trying to send a message that they need to talk to someone. Therefore, veterans can get support without the fear of stigma.

They have various meanings

Members of the military constituted the largest users of challenge coins when they first started. However, the history of challenge coins is evolving. Political groups, the corporate sector, nonprofits, and volunteer organizations are also using challenge coins for different occasions and to showcase an array of meanings. You can use challenge coins to give classmates on their graduation, award employees, or unite behind a common cause. You can personalize challenge coins to celebrate an occasion or say something special.

Military origins

The origin of challenge coins was several decades ago, and the military used them to enhance camaraderie and support the troops. Soldiers on a battalion or special mission were given challenge coins, and when a soldier held up the coin, the others in the brigade did the same. The last soldier to hold the challenge coin or had left it in the barracks had to buy the others a round of drinks afterward. Challenge coins were believed to have saved the life of a businessman during World War I.


Now that you know about challenge coins, you can design some for your sports team or employees. You need to customize it to suit your needs or message. The coins can assist you in preventing suicide.

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