5 Ways to Make Your House Smell Good All the Time

5 Ways to Make Your House Smell Good All the Time

Keeping your house smelling fresh and clean isn’t always easy, particularly if you have pets or young children. Even if you keep a window open all day and go through bottle after bottle of air freshener, it may not be enough to keep the toughest of bad smells out. Here are five expert tips to help keep your house smelling pleasant at all times.

1. Burn Candles and Incense 
If you notice that a particular room usually stinks–bathrooms and teen bedrooms are common culprits–strategically placing candles and incense is a good long-term solution. Where candles are concerned, make sure you pick a scent you won’t get tired of and stick with coverless candles to give the offending room the benefit of the constant smell of scented wax. To deal with large rooms or spaces with pervasive bad smells, light multiple candles at once or burn a few sticks of incense. Keep in mind that incense generally produces stronger-smelling smoke, so it’s best suited to the nastiest of smells.

2. Line Your Air Vents 
Lining the air conditioning vents in your house with deodorizers is another way to keep your house smelling consistently pleasant. Car deodorizers are your friend here; they can be tied or clipped onto the slats of your vents to make the AC blow scented air through your home. When the deodorizer starts to lose its scent, simply swap it out with a fresh one.

3. Utilize Stove Simmers 
A “stove simmer” is a concoction you heat on your stove to distribute the smell of a homemade potpourri throughout your home. To make one, simply simmer water in a saucepan along with the sources of some of your favorite smells, such as fruit slices or sweet-smelling spices like lavender, cinnamon and mint.

4. Clean the Garbage Disposal 
If you notice a pervasive stink coming from your sink even when it’s clear of dirty dishes, your garbage disposal is probably the culprit. To freshen up a smelly garbage disposal, try pouring in a bit of scented dish soap, run the faucet and then turn the disposal on. Another trick involves running citrus rinds through your garbage disposal.

5. Find a New Use for Dryer Sheets 
One final strategy for keeping your home smelling great is to take dryer sheets out of your laundry room and place them strategically around the house. Try putting dryer sheets in closets and dressers to give your clothes a fresh scent, or place a couple in the bathroom.

If you follow these five tips, you can keep your house smelling good around the clock. That doesn’t mean you should neglect basic maintenance–cleaning your house regularly will always be one of the best ways to keep bad smells out–but they can help you handle particularly foul-smelling spaces. Nobody wants to live in a smelly home, and if you rely on these strategies, you don’t have to.

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