5 Tips for Beginner Cannabis Users

5 Tips for Beginner Cannabis Users

Thanks to the gradual (state-by-state) end of marijuana prohibition in the United States – and soon Canada too, we are now seeing a new cannabis consumer on the market: the first-timer (or near first) who avoided blazing before simply because it was illegal. And we have to excuse the marijuana industry for not catching up faster; who could have predicted they’d have to write articles teaching people how to smoke pot?

So, 5 beginner tips for smoking pot:

#1 – Safety first!

You should treat cannabis the way you would alcohol when it comes to potential impairment. Never drive or operate heavy machinery while high. It’s usually best to schedule some free time ahead of the fact, free of responsibilities. Cannabis is known to temporarily impair motor and reasoning functions, at least for those who haven’t built up a tolerance. And of course, check with your doctor for drug interactions if you’re taking prescription medications. “Toke responsibly!”

#2 – Be prepared for unexpected effects.

Truly, many first-time users report not feeling a buzz at all! Everybody’s tolerance and body chemistry is different; especially considering how deeply you inhale it. Some people get baked off one puff, some people can smoke all day and barely feel it. Typical first-time users experience accelerated heartbeat, a mildly anesthetized feeling, a euphoric mood, and a state of mental confusion. Since there is no known overdose amount for marijuana, feel free to smoke more if you’re not feeling it yet. And also be aware that different strains of cannabis have different effects.

#3 – Do bring a friend!

Marijuana is a great social drug. It makes the music sound better, it makes your friends’ jokes hilarious, it loosens the social gears and tends to make people chatty, and it makes just about every fun pastime even more fun. But not only is it more fun to smoke in company, but having a friend or two around will help the new toker feel more secure. After years of harsh prohibition laws, it’s easy to still feel paranoid on cannabis. Friends can watch out for each other and understand your state of mind, while also helpfully discouraging you from trying wild stunts you might regret later.

#4 – They’re not kidding about the munchies.

Marijuana has one effect on just about everybody that’s almost universal: A stimulated appetite. After a smoking session, eventually an intense craving for food will kick in. People on a diet may want to have some low-calorie snacks on hand – remember, marijuana makes food taste amazing, so rice crackers and celery will even pick up some appeal on a high. The rest of you will likely order a pizza, which is another great reason to smoke with friends. By the way, marijuana also tends to make you thirsty. Pack plenty of hydrating beverages, perhaps even a sports drink so you don’t give yourself water intoxication.

#5 – Relax and be mellow.

Pot is great at gluing you to the couch and wiping your worries away. It’s best enjoyed at home, surrounded by creature comforts and free of scheduled responsibilities. But above all, remember that it can take some getting used to for some people. If you ever get anxious or confused while high, just say to yourself: “It’s a psychoactive substance; it’s supposed to make everything trippy.”

Like other recreational substances, some people are bound to take to it more than others. If you try it and just don’t “get” it, there’s no shame in that. As with any recreational substance, it’s at its best in moderation.

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