5 New Exercise Routines to Try

5 New Exercise Routines to Try

Regular exercise has massive health benefits, and even provides a mental boost. The quality of the workout makes a big difference in the size of those benefits. That naturally encourages people to keep trying new exercise routines in order to find the one that works best for them, and there are plenty of new options that everyone should try.

Circuit Training

Circuit training is an intense option, but it is a good fit for people who like variety. It involves going through a sequence of intense aerobic exercises in short succession, and then repeating the cycle once it is complete.

Traditional circuits combine both strength and endurance training, so this method is best for people who want to pursue general fitness rather than specializing in one area. The specific exercises in the circuit can vary, so it’s best to talk with an expert to work out the plan that will meet your goals.

Outdoor Hiking

People that prefer to stay out of the gym can exercise by hiking. It combines the health benefits of simple walking with a rugged environment that boosts the difficult and encourages variety of motion. It also provides a chance to get out into the sun and spend time in nature, which can boost your mood and general health in addition to the effect of the exercise itself.

Tai Chi

It is best to think of Tai Chi as a mixture of a martial art and meditation. At a physical level, it encourages balance and flexibility, but it also provides mental benefits, such as a sense of serenity. Many people pursue it out of interest in one of those benefits or the other, but the people who get the best results with Tai Chi are those who value both.

The exercises are fairly slow and calm, so this is also a good choice for people who struggle with intense workouts. It can still be challenging to get the forms right, so most people will benefit from working with a class when they practice.

Swimming Laps

Water helps to support the body, so swimming is a strong choice for people who suffer from weak joints or other medical problems. They can get a great deal of aerobic exercise without putting any stress on their body that could make their injuries worse. Water aerobics are a similar option for people who don’t like laps, but it’s hard to compete with simply swimming for a while to stay healthy.


CrossFit is a brutal choice, but it gets results quickly. The workouts are extremely intense, but they are also brief, which makes them easy to fit into a busy schedule. The intensity can be problematic for some athletes, but those who take to the program will enjoy both the exercises and their results.

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